Rayman Legends 1.0

Colorful side-scrolling adventure game featuring both single-player and multi-player modes

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Rayman Legends is a 2013 computer game designed as a sequel to the other Rayman computer games. Designed for multiple players, it's a fun way to introduce new players to the world of Rayman games and to play with your friends. Each scene is a little more gorgeous than the last and, the more you play, the more you'll want to unlock new levels and see what happens in the next stage.

The developers of the Rayman series wanted to create throwback games that would remind players of the classic games of the 1980s and 1990s, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers. Players choose an avatar at the beginning and start playing at the first level. With each level, they must complete certain challenges and collect gems as they finish those missions. Unlocking the higher levels requires a certain number of gems. Those who do not have enough gems must go back and complete the earlier levels multiple times.

Playing Rayman Legends is like watching your favorite animated film. The combination of brighter and darker colors and the amazing 3-D graphics make you feel like you just put in a DVD and not like you're playing a game. The scrolling effect that plays throughout the game lets you enjoy the background without taking your eyes off your character or the mission at hand.

With its cooperative mode, you can get some help beating the harder challenges. The PC game lets you play on your own or with up to four helpers. The biggest flaw with Rayman Legends is that the game doesn't support cooperative online play. If you want to play the game with others, they must be in the room with you, which can make advancing through the game a little harder.

Though the early levels in the game give you a glimpse of what you might expect in the higher levels, many players find that the game has a steep learning curve. You'll find yourself thrown into levels that you might not understand and levels that are significantly harder than the previous stages. Those harder levels just make players work harder to beat the game.

Originally developed as an exclusive title for the Wii, Rayman Legends later made appearances on multiple platforms, including the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. With the PC version of the game, players can enjoy all the fun of the title without investing in an expensive gaming platform. Though some might find the game repetitive, it's a solid title thanks to its stunning graphics and backgrounds, fun and interesting missions, and adorable and whimsical characters.


  • Gorgeous scrolling backgrounds are just as beautiful as the characters and settings.
  • Fun for solo play or for multiple players.
  • Challenging enough for players of all ages and skill levels.


  • Similar missions and settings make the game feel repetitive at times.
  • Doesn't allow for cooperative play online.
  • Steep learning curve leaves players scratching their head and struggling with higher levels.

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